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James Robertson, 56, of Detroit, makes his way home after working his shift at Schain Mold & Engineering in Rochester Hills on Jan. 9, 2015. Hundreds of people have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to help Robertson, who says he typically walks 21 miles (34 kilometers) to get to and from work. Robertson began making the daily trek to the factory where he molds parts after his car stopped working ten years ago and bus service was cut back. He’s had perfect attendance for more than 12 years.

Detroit native James Robertson gained national attention when it was revealed that he made a 21-mile commute to and from his $10.55 per hour suburban factory job on foot each day.

Robertson made the commute after his car broke down more than a decade ago and high insurance rates prevented him from purchasing a new one. When his story became national news, donations began pouring in.

However, Robertson’s ex-lover Tanya Fox, 60, has requested $50,000 of the $360,000 of donation money raised for him so she can repair the apartment he rented from her for 15 years, according to the Detroit Free Press.

According to Fox, Robertson was a messy person and left the apartment a wreck.

“He said he was going to give me $50,000 to fix up the house,” Fox told the Free Press.  “James was not a neat person; he got grease all over the wall of the kitchen.”

Robertson reportedly has a restraining order against Fox, although she has denied it.

With the donation funds and additional money donated by a local dealer, Robertson said he was able to obtain a new house. However, he said he moved three times to get away from people trying to feed off of his new lifestyle.