At the young age of twenty-eight, Arion Long is determined to change the way women view their time of the month. Back in December of 2015 Long started a company, Femly, a monthly subscription site for natural feminine care products.

Morgan State University graduate Arion Long founded Femly, a monthly subscription service for Feminine Care. (Courtesy photo)

“I started my company because I saw that there was a need and a lot of women lacked access to feminine care. Initially I knew that I wanted to do something but I did not know what, I started the company in 2015 and we launched in 2016. However in 2016 after being diagnosed with a tumor and trying to find natural skincare and feminine products I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue,” Long told the AFRO. “It’s every month, people can visit our website and sign up for a monthly gift that fits their budget and their need. We have three options ranging from $20-$34 a month and the customer gets a custom mix of feminine products skin care products snacks and other gifts, anything that we could think of to make your monthly gift something that you look forward to.”

Long grew up in New York and moved to Baltimore to attend Morgan State University where she graduated with a degree in consumer science.

“Moving from New York our school system is a little different and I skipped a few grades in high school and started Morgan at age 15. Initially it was a culture shock, just to be around so many people who were much older than me, many of who had a different set of experiences than I had. I grew to appreciate going to an HBCU because I was able to find comfort in the fact that the people around me cared about me and looked like me, it was diverse enough but there was a thriving Black community and I did not have that when I lived in New York.”

Long has been met with approval from the Black community thus far and plans on making a rather drastic move in order to give back to the city that provided her with a college education and has a large urban population.

“I’ve been overwhelmingly supported especially from Black women, we serve Black women and not just those who experienced period pains and endometriosis but anyone who need a safe option. The products in stores are loaded with chemicals and toxins and a lot of people don’t realize that.

We are in the patent development stage and we are developing products that will change the landscape of the feminine product industry, we’ll be working aside investors to develop a product and will be moving to Baltimore in the near future,” she said. “I wanted to make an impact in an urban community and I thought the Baltimore was a thriving location for that. I knew that I would not only have the resources but be able to make an impact and bring jobs to Baltimore which was my big determining factor. I wanted to be somewhere we could help the community and provide jobs and benefit from different support networks.”

Long is a finalist in an entrepreneur competition where the prize is $40,000 and has several pitches set up in the next few months with investors across the country. However no matter how much her company grows, Long vows to stay true to her core ideals with her business.

“We are changing the way that people around the world address their periods, we really hope to just continue growing and expanding,” Long said.

To learn more about Femly or sign up for their subscription service visit their website,