By AFRO Staff

Although the First Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce is set to launch October 1, it already has nearly 100 members and has generated 25 new businesses.

Third generation business owner, Ambassador Suzan Johnson (Sujay) Cook, former U.S. domestic policy advisor and ambassador,  is the founder and a networking magnet who specializes in bridging relationships. It has been said that she instills confidence and is quick to begin advocacy for those she engages.

At least 70 women throughout the Black Diaspora have joined the GBWCC and counting. Each comes with a diverse set of expertise, from culinary chefs, to publishers, marketing experts, government contract gurus and more. These distinguished women have a collective goal of building businesses and strengthening their communities – showing what truly can be done, when you work together.

The Ambassador’s family paved the way for her. She comes from three generations of Black women business owners, and wants to inspire and spark an upcoming generation of business owners with a heart for philanthropy.

“ We are looking to help create more Black women owned business, and sustain and scale those that are succeeding, so that we may do business with women from all over the world,” Cook said. “We’re also looking for corporate partners who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of America , who will join with us. When women win nations win! One of our newer initiatives will be guiding formerly incarcerated people not to look for a job but to form a business….”    

In the midst of racial tension, Ambassador Cook’s distinct ability to recognize opportunities for partnerships, or corporate friendship, led to a national partnership  with Ingrid Vanderveldt, who is leading a movement called “Empowering A Billion Women 2020.” It opened the door for the Ambassador to rally its new members to become distributors of PPE in the heart of a pandemic. Twenty-five women accepted the challenge and received the training and startups for their new businesses.

Just in time for the live launch, those new PPE companies are opening for business.

According to Ambassador Cook, “The 1st Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce promises to cement an unprecedented bond between business owners and ignite a legacy of wealth born from women.”

WHENThursday, October 1st — 1st Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce/Live Launch

TIME:  11 AM

WHERE: Virtual/ZOOM  –

We will be Live on YouTube at 11 AM for coverage, questions and answers.  Media and public WELCOME!