In the wake of two recent incidents of violence near Tennessee State University, President Glenda Glover has announced a 10-point safety enhancement plan for the Nashville campus, according to The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.

In the month of October there were two separate incidents near and on the campus, in which multiple people were shot and one ultimately died. According to Fox News, on the night of Oct. 22, an argument broke out over a dice game which erupted into a fistfight and later ended with multiple shots being fired.  A 19-year-old, who didn’t attend TSU, was shot and killed, while three female students, who were walking by, were wounded.

Also that month, two female students were walking back from Wendy’s one night near campus when they were targeted in a robbery. According to The Tennessean, the suspect allegedly put one student in a headlock, threw her to the ground and shot her multiple times. The other student was grazed by a bullet.

In a late October press conference, President Glover, in conjunction with campus security and law enforcement experts, laid out a plan to improve safety around the campus.

“The administration is taking a multifaceted approach to further enhance safety measures that strategically address the issue of insuring that there are no weapons or other illegal activity on our campus,” President Glover said, according to the JBHE. “Having a weapon on campus is immediate grounds for expulsion from the university.”

Her plan includes the following components, according to Tennessee State University website:

  • Increased visibility of the TSU police force.
  • The opening of a new TSU police satellite office in the Floyd Payne Campus Center, near the courtyard area.
  • Strict enforcement of TSU ID policy
  • The incorporation of a tip hotline that allows students to report things anonymously.
  • The offering of cash rewards for See Say Something, an initiative to report suspicious activity to TSU police.
  • The initiation of a Student Safety Patrol, which is a group of uniformed volunteers from male organizations that are strategically located across campus.
  • More frequent room inspections in campus housing.
  • Increased surveillance and better lighting.
  • Increased access control on campus through proximity readers.
  • The completion of Phase II of the fence project on TSU’s campus, which can help reduce access to the campus.

“This plan calls for action, accountability and assessment by all, and all three are equally as important. And it starts with me,” Glover said in a statement. “Police, staff, faculty and students as well as the President will be held accountable for ensuring that this plan is implemented in a timely and professional fashion. This plan goes into action, not next week, not next month, and not next year, but now.”

The 10-point safety plan came together following two Town Hall meetings held with students who expressed their concerns about the campus police department and other campus activities.