Former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland announced her pregnancy June 11 with a cryptic post on social media.

Rowland, 33, announced that she was pregnant by posting a photo on Instagram of two pairs of Jordan shoes, one in a men’s size and one in a toddler size.

The caption to the picture read, “I’ll be stuntin like my daddy.”

Rowland married her manager, Tim Witherspoon, in Costa Rica last month, according to the BBC.

“I’m very happy,” Rowland told E! News. “I’m very, very happy. I’m a very, very happy woman.”

Although her family is definitely an important factor in her future, Rowland said her music career is far from over.

“I would love to put together a visual album,” she told E!. “It’s really about making sure that the music is right, and I’m in the process of doing that. Just getting in the studio, experimenting with new music, new writers, new producers, and just making sure I nail that, because if the music isn’t right, you don’t take anybody anywhere with the visual. You want both to really rise to the occasion, therefore you’re really giving them moments that they remember, that you created.”


Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer