By Sean Yoes, AFRO Baltimore Editor,

On Mother’s Day families typically gather and pay homage to the women who do so much for their loved ones. But, there are thousands of women across the nation who won’t be able to spend a traditional Mother’s Day with their families because they are incarcerated. Tragically, many remain locked up because they can’t afford bail.

#FreeBlackMamasDMV is a coalition of grassroots organizations that bail out incarcerated Black mothers who are unable to afford their bail. “Through our work, we raise awareness about the inhumanity of the money bail and pre-trial detention and use theatre and art to engage communities in envisioning a world beyond prisons and policing to keep us safe,” the group said in a statement.

Members of #FreeBlackMamasDMV (Courtesy Photo)

Among the groups in the coalition is the Baltimore based, Out For Justice, which is lead by Nicole Mundell, the group’s executive director. Out For Justice is a grassroots nonprofit organization founded in 2006, by formerly incarcerated individuals. The group works zealously and effectively to bring about policy reform that ends employment barriers and inequitable treatment of formerly incarcerated citizens.

In 2017, the group bailed out 15 Black mothers and caretakers from Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties and Baltimore City before Mother’s Day that year.

Nicole Mundell, is the executive director of Out For Justice (OFJ), an organization that works on policy reform for citizens impacted by the criminal justice system. OFJ is one of the groups participating in the “Black Mama Bailout.” (Courtesy Photo)

This year, they will endeavor to do the same for at least 16 mothers and caretakers before this weekend and Mother’s Day 2019.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor