Have a question for us? Please review our FAQs here – If you don’t find your answer here please email customerservice@afro.com

  1. How can I submit feature stories and news coverage? 

A: For all feature stories and news coverage stories ideas, please contact our Editorial staff at editor@afro.com.

  1. How do I subscribe to The AFRO?

A: To subscribe to The AFRO, please click the red box in the upper right corner that says subscribe to The AFRO. (If on mobile click the three lines on the top right of the screen and click Subscribe to AFRO News) Select the print and digital option, or select digital access. After selecting your desired subscription, follow the highlighted instructions to complete signing up. 

  1. I signed up for the print and digital subscription- when will I receive the print copy?

A: Print lists are updated every Wednesday morning. If you signed up by that time you will receive your print copy within one week. 

  1. I signed up for a  digital subscription- where do I access the e-edition?

A: The e- edition is emailed to your address on file every Friday. 

  1. How can I contact AFRO Charities? 

A: Please contact the AFRO Charities director Savannah Wood at Savannah@afrocharities.org 

  1. How can I contact the archives team? 

A: To contact the AFRO Charities Archives team, please email Deyane Moses at Deyane@afrocharities.org 

  1. How can I access the AFRO Archives?

A: When you have a moment, please fill out this form to the best of your ability: https://forms.gle/urdgNH79EC5b9ttB6. This helps us keep track of requests and determine any applicable fees for your use of our archives. 

Also, are you local to the Maryland area? If so, we have a wonderful digital resource in the Enoch Pratt Library. With a library card, you can access nearly all of the back issues of the Baltimore AFRO from 1893 – 1988. Here is a link to that database: https://www.prattlibrary.org/research/databases/maryland-newspapers.

At the following link, you will find a step-by-step guide detailing how to use this resource: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rr0ulji51yj1btj/_PrattProQuestAccess.pdf?dl=0.

Please note that you are free to use anything you find via ProQuest for personal use. If you wish to reproduce any of that content in a public-facing capacity, please be in touch for the proper permissions.

If you are not local to Maryland or do not have a library card, we can do this research for you for $30/hour with a required minimum of 2 hours of research.

Archive staff are available for  any further questions for you in the meantime. Please feel free to call Deyane Moses  from 10 am – 4 pm Monday-Friday at 443-889-1114. 

  1. How do I find events from The AFRO? 

A: To find recent and upcoming events from The AFRO. Please go to afrotix.live 

  1. I’d like to advertise my event on AFRO.com? 

A: Go to https://afro.com/event-listings/#/ click the calendar icon and follow the prompts for free and paid plans. If you are are interested in additional advertising opportunities please email customerservice@afro.com

  1. I’d like to search for job opportunities  on AFRO.com? 

A: Go to https://jobs.afro.com add job title or keyword,  adjust location and click Find Jobs 

  1. Who do I contact about billing? 

A: For billing and circulation-related questions, please contact The AFRO Finance office at finance@afro.com 

  1. How do I contact The AFRO Baltimore/Washington DC office? 

A: Please contact us at 410-554-8200 or customerservice@afro.com

  1. I want to advertise with the AFRO. Who do I contact for advertising inquiries? 

A: For all advertising inquiries, please contact our advertising/sales team, customerservice@afro.com

  1. Do you accept unsolicited blog posts? 

A:  No 

  1. How can I be a guest on The Chicken Boxx, Pleasure Doing Business With You, or AFRO Cooking Live? 

A: For all AFRO live inquiries, please contact our producer Taryn Atkinson at Tatkinson@afro.com 

  1. How do I access previous episodes of  The Chicken Boxx, Pleasure Doing Business With You, or AFRO Cooking Live?

A: Archived shows are available under the Live tab on our Facebook page or our YouTube page 

  1. How do I subscribe to receive AFRO Eblasts, The #Faithworks newsletter, or The Word In Black Newsletter? 

A: Please visit our website afro.com and click on our logo in the lower right-hand corner. There you can select what newsletter you would like to be subscribed to. 

  1. I want additional information about upcoming AFRO events.

A: Please contact The AFRO’s community and public relations coordinator, Diane Hocker, at Dhocker@afro.com 

  1. How do I purchase a keepsake cookbook from The AFRO?

A: To purchase a Cookbook for $20, please scroll down afro.com and select the option to order an AFRO keepsake cookbook or go to the checkout page here.

  1. How do I purchase AFRO apparel and swag? 

A: To purchase AFRO appeal and swag, please scroll down and select the option to get your AFRO Swag on afro.com or visit our merchandise site

  1. How do I purchase hard copies of the newspaper? 

A: To purchase please call 410-554-8200 or  send an email to wpearson@afro.com with your name address issue requested and quantity. Copies are typically $2/each plus actual shipping charges.