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Marcus Garvey, handcuffed to detectives, passes through Baltimore Saturday night, en route from New York to the Atlanta penitentiary.  Garvey was arrested in 125th Street Station Thursday by James Emos, a colored agent of the Department of Justice, after the higher Federal court of New York State had refused his appeal for a new trial from a sentence of five years in Atlanta and a $1000 fine for using the United States malls to de-fraud in selling stock of the Black Star Steamship Line.

Was in Detroit

Garvey was in Detroit when Federal Judge A.M. Hand turned down the appeal. Word that he was wanted was immediately broadcasted throughout the United States and he was arrested as soon as he stepped off the Grand Central train from the West.

Garvey Makes Appeal

He was arraigned before federal judge Winslow immediately Garvey pleaded with the judge to be permitted to remain at liberty pending an application which his attorney would make to the United States Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari. This was refused and Saturday at noon he was put aboard a Pennsylvania train bound for Atlanta. At the station a few of the faithful gathered to see him off. He arrived in a “Black Mariah” from the tombs. Shackled to two detectives.

Gathering Small

The gathering would have been bigger had not federal authorities chosen an unobtrusive exit from the Tombs for the first “President of the African Republic” and slipped him out of the Lafayette street exit while the crowd waited at the Centre street entrance for Garvey to appear. At the Pennsylvania station Garvey’s friends were allowed to shake his hand.

Not in Court

Reporters were unable to get a glimpse of the prisoner when the train stopped at Union Station, Baltimore. Garvey had been expected to appear in the federal court of New York, Tuesday, his counsel explaining that he had been detained in Detroit. When he failed to appear by Wednesday, a bench warrant was issued for him and there was talk of forfeiting the $15,000 bail put up by his wife.