Typo is a new fashion brand created by Doncel Brown. (Courtesy Photo)

By Dareise A. Jones
Special to the AFRO

Generation Typo, a new fashion brand created by entrepreneur Doncel Brown, aims to use clothing and conversations between different generations to create connections.

Brown, who is one of eight siblings and a self-proclaimed military brat, has lived in many states including Texas, Arizona, and the D.M.V. where he has resided since starting high school.  

The Gen Z (slight millennial, he was born during the shift in generations) graphic designer who has worked in the tech industry for several years, says he was inspired to start Generation Typo last year to use creativity to help him mentally get through quarantine.

When thinking about a concept for his brand, he recalled hearing older colleagues speak poorly of their younger counterparts. “I remember being in rooms and hearing co-workers say, ‘You know what’s wrong with the millennial and the Gen Z generation? They don’t know how to work hard. That’s why they’re not further along.’” 

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth for Brown, who started his first business, 4KLife, when he was sixteen. In fact, he was working hard at his tech job and running the photography (now marketing and branding) company on the side at the time and knew many other Gen Z and millennials who were doing the same or more.

Doncel Brown created Generation Typo to bridge the generational gap through fashion. (Courtesy Photo)

The colleagues who were saying this were in the same leadership position I was in, and some had helped onboard me. So, I wondered if it was really about the age difference, or if it was something else that could benefit from a deeper conversation,” Brown said.

Brown knew fashion, which speaks for those who wear it, would be a great way to, “break down some of those stigmas between the different generations.” Generation Typo’s branding includes a red underline that we all have been conditioned to associate with an error or “typo.” It is used throughout the brand to highlight projected typos and generational opinions.

As the brand evolves, Brown plans to create a space for people to engage in a community that makes sharing differences a bridge for connection instead of contention.

Brown envisions focus groups and meetups where people from all walks of life can “share their truths” during dialogue that will help them learn from each other. 

This includes conversations about mental health. Brown lost his older brother, Marcus Brown, to a motorcycle accident in 2018. He initially struggled with processing the tragic loss of his brother because like many young men, he learned that “boys don’t cry.”

Brown said he thanks God that his family and friends created a safe space for him to process his emotions and helped shift his mindset to a healthier one on mental and emotional health.

This newfound mentality is at the core of Generation Typo’s mission: to talk about the hard things so that we can connect, heal, and build together. 

As a designer, Brown is inspired by Virgil Abloh, creator of Off White and Jerry Lorenzo, founder of Fear of God. As a man, Brown said his family is at the top of his list of those who’ve had the greatest influence on him.

The designer also gave his family credit for his excellent work ethic, humble outlook, and his ability to truly listen to others.

Brown shared that his family has taught him the value of empowering others. 

“Once we start to realize you can teach up and down, we can start to get rid of the negative judgements we have about each other. Just because they’re your parents or they’re older than you doesn’t mean you can’t share your perspective and they can learn something. Learning doesn’t just have to be a download. We’re not uploading, and I feel like that’s what clashes the generations,” Brown said.

Generation Typo will have their first public fashion show during D.C.’s Fashion Week next month as part of the emerging designer collection. Their fall collection drops in October and Brown plans to hold a launch party to celebrate and showcase the new designs.

Visit www.generationtypo.com and @generationtypo on Instagram for more on this Black owned brand that is making a statement in fashion and in life.

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