Civil rights groups held a rally in Annapolis June 25 to raise awareness of racial issues plaguing the city, the county and nation.

A protester in Annapolis, holds a sign with the name and picture of Kendrec McDade, a California college student who was killed by police. (Facebook)

The Capital Gazette reports that members of the NAACP, Caucus of African American Leaders and other groups gathered at the City Dock in Annapolis on Sunday, and wore billboards with the names and faces of African American men and women who have died after encounters with police.

The rally was also in support of Councilman Pete Smith’s idea to declare a state of emergency to cure racial tension in Annapolis.

At the rally, Smith said if we can put a person on the moon, “why can’t we end racism? Why can’t we end discrimination? It’s not outside of this world, it’s in this world.”