Linnyette Richardson-Hall

By Linnyette Richardson-Hall

My food philosophy is a simple one, grounded in my upbringing – “If you love people, you feed them a meal.”

I started in the kitchen when I was four years old – my great grandmother tied one of her aprons around my waist, perched me on the sky-blue stepstool that kept residence near the pantry and my cooking “voyage” set sail.  Although, I am not a classically trained chef, I always say that I learned from the best trio of cooks ever – my late mother, grandmother, and great grandma.  Those three women were phenomenal curators of delicious food and they passed that skill and love down to me.

Fast forward about 55 years and I am still at it.  My cooking has evolved over this half-century of cutting, slicing, dicing, braising, frying, roasting and baking – and I could not be happier about it.  One of the things I simply adore about food is the emotional and personal impact it makes upon those who prepare it and those who sit a table to enjoy the fruits of those labors.  In my past life as a professional wedding & event planner, creating fabulously amazing menus for my clients was a part of the service my company offered.  To me, it made perfect sense to “marry” great food with such a special occasion and those who were assembled to celebrate with the happy couple had the chance to break bread with those they love as well as experience new taste sensations.

I retired from professional wedding planning in 2014, relocated to Dallas from Baltimore in 2016 and during those years, I’ve refined and expanded my food reach.  From being a finalist on The Rachel Ray Show’s “Great American Cookbook Competition”, to having my taste adventures featured in print as well being a featured contributor for “Heart & Soul” magazine, I simply love the culinary journey I am on.  Being able to share my love of not only a great dish, but how to prepare it, how to source it, how to make it EASY – that is my impetus and motivation.

The DIVA’S Kitchen is the brainchild which allows me to connect through social media, interpersonal food experiences and debuting soon, a line of small batch, curated condiments, sauces, and spice blends which will give home cooks the opportunity to put a little bit of “POW” into their own culinary creations.   I am currently hard at work on my first cookbook – this guide is the result of many requests for “how do you make that?” from my loyal followers and fans.

I honestly believe that the BEST conversations happen over a good meal – one that is well prepared, served beautifully and done with love.  The dishes I prepare and teach others to make are testament to that thought process.

Facebook & Instagram: @thedivaskitchen