The AFRO is excited to join the nationwide celebration of women this March in recognition of this year’s National Women’s History Month. From now until April 21st, we will be highlighting prominent African-American women who have contributed to significant events in history and continue to do so in their respective fields.

We invite you to share your stories, your achievements and your perspective on the pioneering role women have played in American history.

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If you, or someone you know, holds a leadership role and deserves to be celebrated this month for their contributions to American history, please submit the following information to our editorial team:

-Candidate’s Name

-Candidate’s role in the organization

-Candidate’s contact information

-A short summary of the candidate’s historic achievements (200 words or less)

-Headshot of candidate

Submissions will be reviewed and chosen for publication by the AFRO based on the significance of each candidates’ contributions. All choices are at the discretion of the AFRO. Send submissions to