A campus-wide team led by Howard University’s School of Communications, in conjunction with campus television and radio stations WHUT and WHUR, will host a daylong symposium on health care, Tuesday, April 10 at the Armour J. Blackburn Center, on the university’s Washington, D.C. campus.

Thought-leaders, policymakers, activists and legislators will discuss their research findings and beliefs about health issues and disparities.

The forum is free and open to the public.

CNN Anchor Fredricka Whitfield will moderate the conference, which will target communication, technology and environmental issues of importance to underserved communities including:

-Patient navigation of health care systems and disparities in access to treatment, and solutions on how to assist medically underserved patients in navigating their way through a complex heath system.

-Technology methods that show communities of color how to make the best use of new media tools and other technology to assist with managing their health care.

-Environmental educations that focuses on how the physical and built environment contribute to the persistent problems of health maintenance, health access and health disparities in urban neighborhoods.

Keynote speaker Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) will address policy issues related to health care.

Other panelists and participants will include Dr. Harold Freeman, chairman emeritus and founder, Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention, a preeminent authority on poverty and cancer; Dr. Brian Smedley, vice president and director of the Health Policy Institute of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies: Larry Warren, CEO of Howard University Hospital and Dr. Kerry-Ann Hamilton, Howard University, researcher of mobile techcnology and its effectiveness in health intervention.