Texas death-row inmates will no longer get to choose their last meal after a state senator protest the practice, and will instead be served standard prison fare.

According to CNN, State Senator John Whitmire, a Democrat and chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, protested the large meal which inmate Lawrence Russell Brewer ordered before his Sept. 21 execution, a meal that he did not eat.

Brewer reportedly ordered two chicken fried steaks smothered in gravy with sliced onions, a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, a cheese omelet with other ingredients, a large bowl of fried okra with ketchup, three fajitas, a pint of Blue Bell ice cream and a pound of barbecue with a half-loaf of white bread.

But, according to The Chicago Tribune, when the meal arrived, Brewer told guards he was not hungry. Brewer was on death row for his role in dragging James Byrd Jr., a Black man from Texas, to his death behind a vehicle 13 years ago.

According to MSNBC, Whitmire said he isn’t sure how the practice of granting a last meal began, or how other states handle it, but threatened to attempt a legislative solution if the policy was not changed.

“It is extremely inappropriate to give a person sentenced to death such a privilege,” Whitmire said, according to The Chicago Tribune. “It’s a privilege which the perpetrator did not provide to their victim.”

In response to his protests, officials with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said that, going forward, death row prisoners will be served the same meal as other offenders.