(Top l-r clockwise): Savannah Wood, Micha Green, Jessica Dortch, Taylor Peck, Megan Sayles, Mecca Lewis, Mishana Matthews, and Janaya Britton. (Courtesy photos/SchaunChampion)

Meet the Millennials and Gen Zers in the AFROs newsroom and beyond.

Savannah Wood (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Savannah Wood
Archives & AFRO Charities Director
Time with AFRO: 2 years
“As a 5th generation member of the founding family, my favorite thing about the AFRO is carrying on the family legacy and connecting people to their history through the archives.”

Micha Green (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Micha Green
Washington D.C. and Digital Content Editor
Time with AFRO: 3 years
“Our founder’s passion for getting information to his community pushes me each day and makes me super proud to be part of this 129-year history. Working for the AFRO is a daily gift of not only sharing stories of my people, but sinking my teeth into the great history, strength, resilience and genius found in the African-American experience.”

Jessica Dortch (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Jessica Dortch
News Editor
Time with AFRO: 2 years
“One of my favorite things about the AFRO is the creative freedom. Whether you’ve been with us for a day or 30 years, your thoughts and opinions are valued. Of all the experiences that I’ve had working in the industry, the AFRO is one of the only places where I don’t have to minimize parts of who I am to be palatable for anyone else.”

Taylor Peck (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Taylor Peck
Digital Solutions Coordinator
Time with AFRO: 30 days
“As a 6th generation member of the founding family, my favorite thing about working at the AFRO is that I’m on Zoom with people that look like me. I remember being the only Black woman on camera at my previous job and the conversations about my weekend, or my hair, or anything else were just so exhausting. Representation and diversity in virtual settings matter and really can impact employee satisfaction in my opinion. By the way, there are a lot of things I love about this company!”

Megan Sayles (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Megan Sayles
Business Writer & Report for America Corps Member
Time with AFRO: 1 month
“I think it’s rare to find a newsroom that has such a genuine connection, and since I have started, I am constantly reminded that everyone at the AFRO has my back and will be there to support me professionally as well as personally.”

Mecca Lewis (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Mecca Lewis
Archives Assistant
Time with AFRO: 3 months
“The Black perspective is often negated or overlooked. In my day to day responsibilities at the AFRO, Black voices, past and present, are at the center of every conversation and that is empowering.”

Mishana Matthews (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Mishana Matthews
Production and Design Assistant
Time with AFRO: 1 month
“My favorite thing about working at the AFRO is that I’m working in an environment that celebrates and recognizes Black stories and Black culture.”

Janaya Britton (Courtesy photo/SchaunChampion)

Janaya Britton
Facebook HBCU News Fellow
Time with AFRO: 3 weeks
“My favorite thing about working with the AFRO is the family atmosphere and the freedom to create new concepts. Another favorite of mine is our music trivia at the beginning of each team meeting.”

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