“Jacking That,” an iPhone app that aggregates news, tweets and video, has surpassed the milestone of half a million articles viewed via the app since its release in mid-2010,according to its developer Partial Fraction.

The company says the app “has established itself as a leading urban news aggregator, portal and sentiment gatherer for its urban user base.”

The free app, according to the description in the iTunes store, aggregates and provides news, tweets and video from a variety of sources, including WorldStarHipHop, VladTV, Rap Radar and HipHopDX and allows a user to then “jack,” express a positive or negative sentiment, about the content reviewed.

The app, tagged for users 12 and up, has an average rating of three out of five stars on the iTunes site. The developer’s website has little information on the app and its uses because the site is under development.

“We are pleased to have recently surpassed the half million mark for urban news, videos, and tweets viewed via the Jacking That for iPhone app,” said developer Kevin Brown in a Partial Faction press release. “Our value proposition is that we provide mobile traffic to the various content sources that we aggregate. It is impressive that we have directed over a half million views to urban content sources. Our next goal is to reach the one million mark.”