The legal troubles of former NBA player and TV basketball analyst Jalen Rose grew after he was pulled over for speeding just hours after being sentenced to serve 20 days in prison for a DUI charge.

According to the Associated Press, Rose was clocked going 46 mph in a 25-mph zone shortly before 9 p.m. on July 27, Clawson, Mich. Police Chief Harry Anderson said. Rose was ticketed for speeding.

Hours earlier, Rose was sentenced by a judge for driving under the influence of alcohol, admitting that he drank six martinis before crashing his truck on the side of a snowy icy road in West Bloomfield Township in Michigan in March. The 48-year-old ESPN analyst apologized in a brief statement following his sentence hearing. 

“I’m humbled, I’m embarrassed, and I’m very apologetic. I can assure everyone that nothing like this will ever happen again,” Rose said.

The AP reported that one of Rose’s attorneys, Keith Davidson, was very disappointed with the sentence his client received, saying that several prominent figures, including Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, wrote letters to the court, recommending no jail time for Rose. According to the AP, the Detroit native is still expected to have a school named after him in his hometown.

“This was nothing less than an elected judge legislating from the bench,” Davidson said. “This is a man who has given millions of dollars to charity, started schools around the world and worked endlessly for the community, yet her average sentence is 17 days, and she sentenced Mr. Rose to 20 days.

Legal representation for Rose did not return calls for comment by the AP about the speeding citation.

Another attorney for Rose noted that the probation department also recommended that Rose shouldn’t receive jail time. But according District Court Judge Kimberly Small disagreed.

“I don’t think you have an alcohol problem, and I sincerely believe you when you say this will not happen again,” Judge Small told Rose, according to the AP. “But there are issues of punishment and deterrence. The one thing that people never want—that they will hire expensive lawyers to avoid—is jail time. That’s why I believe it is the right punishment.”

Rose’s full jail sentence was for 92 days, but with 72 days suspended. He also received a 6-day delay on his sentence so that could attend his 93-year-old grandmother’s birthday this weekend, according to ESPN. He will begin serving his sentence on Aug. 2.