Award winning producer Jermaine Dupri, left, and hall of fame songwriter Dallas Austin.

By Kai McDaniel
Special to the AFRO

Black-owned, Atlanta-based music tech start-up, Deepr® has teamed up with Midem Digital to share an exclusive conversation between Hall of Fame songwriters and Grammy-award-winning producers, Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin. The award-winning creators share head-turning secrets behind their most famous hits. From Kris Kross and TLC to working with pop icons like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, these creators shaped the sound and fashion of the 90s. With their influence, Dupri and Austin established their hometown of Atlanta as one of the main creative hubs for hip-hop in America.

With over 400 million records sold to date, Jermaine Dupri is one of the most successful producers in the music industry. His career landmarks include the release of several platinum recordings as CEO of So So Def. Additionally, Dallas Austin has written multiple Billboard number one hits, including, The Boy is Mine, from Brandy and Monica and TLC’s Creep. Austin’s other musical endeavors include opening his own recording studio, D.A.R.P. (Dallas Austin Recording Projects), in Atlanta, as well as the labels Rowdy Records, Limp Records and Freeworld Entertainment.

“Being a Black-owned music tech company, it is Deepr’s mission to give visibility and a platform for iconic Black creators such as Dallas Austin and Jermaine Dupri. The impact and influence of their careers have paved the way for Atlanta to be the cultural Mecca that it is today. This conversation will hopefully inspire the next generation to pay it forward by reaching for the stars and going for their dreams,” said Austin Webster, founder and CEO of Deepr®.

Deepr® is tackling one of the biggest music industry challenges. Described as Shazam meets ‘The IMDb’ for music, the Deepr® app enables you to find the music you love and shares the full credits behind the music, listing songwriters, song producers, featured artists, background singers, and more! Most of these creators behind the music you love are hidden or largely unknown in the current streaming landscape which isn’t ideal for music lovers or creators. This challenge inspires Deepr® to spotlight the creators behind the music and supercharge music discovery through their easy-to-use audio recognition and manual search features.

Watch the compelling conversation with Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin here:

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