Fresh off the success of the film “Red Tails,” a group of Black activists are fighting to see more diversity on the silver screen.

The group, Project Islamic HOPE, is planning to launch what they call the Entertainment Diversity Initiative. According to their website, the Los Angeles-based civil rights organization wants to spearhead the movement to vastly increase the number of quality African-American films produced in Hollywood.

“With the overwhelming success of the movie ‘Red Tails,’ which brought in over $19 million at the box office in its opening weekend, African-Americans across the nation demonstrated that we have the collective buying power to effect change in the entertainment industry,” the group’s founder, Najee Ali said in a statement. “We demonstrated that African-Americans will come out and support quality dramatic African-American theme movies and projects.”

Ali said his organization will team with other advocacy groups and Hollywood insiders to produce diversity report cards in the movie industry. The group also plans to hold an entertainment diversity summit to draw attention to the diversity issues in the entertainment industry.

According to the Associated Press, the opening weekend box office success of “Red Tails” exceeded expectations. analyst Paul Dergarabedian said a grass roots effort to get groups of people to the film, in addition to its positive word-of-mouth, are behind its success.

Prior to the release of “Red Tails,” producer George Lucas said in an interview that Hollywood wouldn’t support the film because of its all-Black cast. As a result, Lucas spent millions of his own money to fund and distribute the project.