Article-E-Willie Larkin Resigning Grambling Pres

Dr. Willie D. Larkin, president of Grambling State University, resigned from the school after only one year. (Courtesy photo)

Dr. Willie D. Larkin, president of Grambling State University (GSU), resigned after only one year, the Louisiana based-school announced on June 27. In February, Larkin reportedly received a vote of no confidence from ten out of 18 members in Grambling’s Faculty Senate. The senate attributed the vote to the loss of the school’s nursing program and the desire to maintaining the accreditation of the College of Business.

GSU Faculty Senate President Herbert Simmons told The News-Star in February “Over the last few months, the senate has reached out to President Larkin regarding budget, enrollment and things that affect the entirety of the university.”  Simmons said that Larkin met with the senate several times over the past few months, but did not address their comments.

Previously Larkin worked as the chief of staff to the president of Morgan State University. His resignation will be effective on June 30.

“I am not a quitter,” said Larkin in statement on Grambling’s web site. “I committed to serving Grambling State University for 7 years, or as long as I was allowed to do so. I will always love Grambling State University. She deserves more, much more in order for her to regain her splendor. Grambling State will survive and thrive. I have faith that one day the faculty, staff, students and the alumni will stand together firmly to move Grambling forward without being distracted from the goal of educational excellence.”

Grambling has had a history of changing administration, having ten university presidents within the past 25 years.