By Deborah Bailey,
AFRO D.C. Editor

AFRO Reporter Cara Washington will return next week with a run-down of the D.C. Mayoral Candidates. In our May 26 print edition, we featured At-Large City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Robert White.  Stay tuned for profiles of Current Mayor Muriel Bowser and eighth Ward Councilman Trayvon White, as well as ANC Ward 5 Commissioner James Butler in upcoming editions of the AFRO. 

Just for you, the AFRO has compiled information from the D.C. Board of Elections in one handy place so you can slam-dunk the election process in D.C. 

Now is the time to get your election act together. It’s already June – and Election Day in D.C. is on June 21. It’s right around the corner.  

Now, what offices are we voting for in the upcoming D.C. Primary elections?  

  • US Congressional Delegate (no, our delegate does not have the power to vote on behalf of D.C. residents– but residents still vote to send a Delegate to the US Congress). 
  • Mayor
  • Chairperson of the D.C. City Council 
  • One at-large Council representative 
  • Ward 1 Council representative
  • Ward 3 Council representative
  • Ward 5 Council representative
  • Ward 6 council representative
  • D.C. Attorney General 
  • D.C. Shadow Representative 

Key Deadlines to Remember as D.C. Primary Date Approaches

  • Change my permanent address Deadline passed MAY 31
  • Need an absentee ballot JUNE 6  
  • Military and Overseas absentee ballot JUNE 18
  • D.C. early voting JUNE 10-19
  • Primary Election Day JUNE 21
  • Deadline for Board of Election 
  • To receive your absentee ballot JUNE 28

Can I place my completed early ballot in a dropbox and where can I find one? 

  • Fifty-five mail-in ballot drop boxes are distributed throughout the District. There are several in each ward.  
  • If you have a completed mail-in ballot, you can drop it off in any of the drop boxes throughout the city until 8:00 pm on Election Day, June 21. The list of drop boxes is here:

I want to participate in early voting – but I don’t know where to go? 

  • In DC – you can vote at ANY LOCATION! 
  • However, just in case you are location-centric, Board of Elections has your back. Try this interactive Search Tool to discover the location of the nearest drop box, early voting center or Election Day polling station. Go ahead – try it.   

Do I have to belong to a political party to vote for candidates in D.C.?

Yes, D.C. Primary elections are “closed” primaries. You have to belong to the Democratic, Republican, Statehood Green or Libertarian Parties to vote in the primary election. However, all voters can participate in referendums.

OK, I am still NOT registered to vote. Can I register when I come for early voting – or what about on Election Day?  

Yes. You must show “acceptable proof of residence. According to the D.C. Board of Elections, acceptable documents include:  

  • Current and valid District of Columbia DMV issued ID
  • Government check or paycheck*
  • Bank statement*
  • Current utility bill*
  • Student housing statement/tuition bill
  • Homeless shelter occupancy statement
  • Lease
  • Another government document with your name and address

*Paychecks, bank statements and bills must be issued within 90 days of Election Day. 

Can I just peek at a sample ballot and see the names of all of the candidates?  

Do you have an election question we did not cover?  Just ask the AFRO at