By Jessica Bellamy

Dear Editor:

The new administration has worked quickly to have the United States rejoin the Paris climate agreement. Yet, recent research from the Oxford Martin School has found that Paris targets may be unreachable unless we make large overhauls to our agricultural system.

Researchers concluded that, even if we immediately eliminated all fossil fuel emissions from our economy, the emissions that come from agriculture would make it impossible to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. The authors of the study urge us to shift towards predominantly plant-based diets if we want to come close to meeting Paris goals.

This study is yet another reminder that eating vegan helps everybody—sentient animals condemned to death for our appetites and future generations hoping to inherit a livable planet.

2021 is the year to end speciesism—the human-supremacist mindset that suggests one species is more important than another. Let’s enter the new year right—and meet Paris goals with ease—by choosing kind, healthy, and Earth-friendly foods. Grab a free vegan starter kit at


Jessica Bellamy

The PETA Foundation

The PETA Foundation

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