By Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

Desired balance on this journey called life is a shared yearning. The similarities of personal habits and values common to humans are remarkable, but ironically a casual compliment to a coworker invites criticism these days! It appears we’ve lost an integral mindset that once appreciated the integrity of social harmony; probably due to prevailing enigmas of poor depleted ethical mechanisms.

Goodness towards others decades ago perfumed the common dialogue as social standard. Dishearteningly, contemporary values have drawn strong scrutiny, like the undenying coercion of some government officials that encouraged insurrection upon the face of the Capitol! The true essence of ethics is uncompromising!

The humane pursuit of happiness and the building blocks of social trust are ethical drivers that can neither be tainted nor misaligned from its perfect form. We are inspired in our humanistic purpose to allow the intrinsic values of goodness to be our vigorous life’s beacon.

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.
Seneca Falls, NY 13148