Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

The matriarch Lady-of-Liberty has rekindled her flaming torch as a light for democracy’s truism. Symbolizing a beacon of political elegance and integrity, POTUS’s illuminating presence is evident! The 20th day of ANEW demarks an historical bifurcated significance; ending a choking term and revitalizing this nation’s spiritual breaths. Our country gasped for social air – now we exhale in sigh of relief.

These times spark an improved social awakening by tapping into intellects of past Lincolns and bringing to the U.S.’s forefront an apropos preamble – ”WE the people speak”. Our nation pride’s in tough skin and has withstood centuries of social depletion of inequalities and rose as one voice in protest rebuttal! Our country has mounted atop the hills of injustice by proclaiming that none is above the law! This beautiful land of ours is witnessing the malice of COVID, but we’re more in tune to preserving humanity and care for one another!

The inspiration is that the U.S. and POTUS are proving that integrity and the spirit of love for one another is not a billboard expression, but a deep visceral social metastasis that no hero of medical authority would dare to stop. Ring-On Lady Liberty!

Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
**My true purpose in life is to only inspire!

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