Submitted by Marsha Brown


I purchased a subscription to The Afro following the murder of George Floyd. My father was a subscriber for decades; he read no less than five newspapers a day. When the News American and the Sporting News went away, he easily, albeit sadly, adapted -The Afro was always in the rotation.

I haven’t lived in Baltimore for over twenty years now. I’m based in Washington DC and work overseas. That said, after the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, I am deliberately, intentionally and unapologetically supporting ALL THINGS BLACK. Certainly, if I can listen to a Rachel Maddow podcast, I can take time to read The Afro and its reporting on my people. I understand why my Father never gave it up.

I normally don’t send emails like this. I read something, reflect a bit and move along. But, as 2021 is here, I believe that part of being deliberately, intentionally and unapologetically supportive of ALL THINGS BLACK means letting those Black folks who do the thing know when they have moved you. Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead’s article informed and moved me. I didn’t know anything about her or her activism, I know her now. She is superior at putting our experiences into words.

Thank you,

Marsha Brown

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