By Reginald Allen II

On Sept. 15, the city of Louisville stated that they will grant the Breonna Taylor family a $12 million settlement. Will this be the conclusion to justice for Taylor’s wrongful death?

In 2017, Justine Damond, an Australian American, was wrongfully killed by Minneapolis police officers and was granted a $20 Million settlement. In 2015 and 2016, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice were given $5.9 Million and $6 Million settlements.

All victims were killed by the police, but one individual received 83 percent of what everyone received. Damond, $20 Million settlement: Taylor, Rice and Garner, settlements in total of $23.9 Million.

According to the Washington Post, Attorney Benjamin Crump demanded that Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron, charge the officers involved with at least second-degree manslaughter.

In the case of Justine Damond, Mohamed Noor, the officer responsible for killing Damond was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years of jail time. In the case of Breonna Taylor, three officers were involved and one was prosecuted. No progress has been made since then.

New York-based civil rights group, “Until Freedom,” stated that “True Justice is not served with cash settlements. We need accountability. We need justice. No amount of money will bring back Breonna Taylor. We see this settlement as the bare minimum that one can do.”

Breonna Taylor was an innocent Black woman. A 26-year old EMT that was killed by the Louisville Metro Police Department on March 13. Since then, protestors have demanded the prosecution of the officers that were responsible for her death. However, only one of the three officers involved in her death has gone to trial.

Justine Damond was an innocent White woman. A 40-year old veterinarian with dual citizenship in Australia and the United States was killed by a Minneapolis police officer on July 15, 2017. The difference was her murderer was tried and sent to jail. 

Can Louisville say the same for Taylor? Will the social media hashtag “Arrest The Cops That Killed Breonna Taylor” ever come true?


Reginald Allen II

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