For many years the AFRO would print letters from children to Santa Claus. In the Christmas spirit, here are some that were printed in Dec. 1916. Letters such as these are why the AFRO continues to host programs such as Ms. Santa, which provides toys, food and clothes to children today.

Dec. 1916

Dear Santa Claus:–Please don’t forget to come and see us this Xmas. We haven’t much money this year and we all need new shoes, please and some clothes. Please bring me some candy. Of course James wants a wagon, Hattie wants a doll and so does Emma and Ada too. Ada is very sweet and she is our baby. Mama and papa say we want too much for poor children. Do you think so?

Please bring us some books to read.

Yours truly,

Clarence Ockliney


Dear Santa Claus:–I am a little orphan boy. I would like you to bring me a bicycle and some nuts. Please do not forget my aunt, mother and my uncle. Love to you.

From E. L. Wilson

Dear Santa Claus:–I am a little girl from New York. This is my first Christmas here. I want a doll and carriages, a pair of skates, some handkerchiefs. I would like to have a new dress and some nuts.

From your little friend,

Daisy Marie Mason