Lanham, MD— “Wow. This is really incredible,” a customer said, marveling at the difference in his two hands. The left was nothing out of the ordinary: a touch of roughness, slightly fading in color with minor tingling as a result of poor circulation.

The right hand, told another story: smooth, vibrant and so infused with color it seemed to glow.

Such expressions of amazement are made possible through product demonstrations held at Wegmans to showcase a new, natural hair and body products line called G’Natural.

The Lanham Wegmans hosted one of many free demonstrations, during which it’s not uncommon to see customers jam aisles awaiting a chance to experience G’Natural.

“This is why people love our products,” said Roger Gore, G’Natural Products, founder/CEO.

“Because they work!”

With a welcoming and natural smile, Gore explained his line’s popularity.

The entire G’Natural line was created with a single idea in mind: producing merchandise that could be used by men and women to improve not only their hair and bodies, but the way they feel.

“It’s a unique line because we see men buy it; women buy it and children buy it,” said Gore.

From the Hair and Body Butter, which can be used to replace lotion, to the Get It G Razor Relief that eliminates irritation after a close shave, Gore appears to have something for everyone.

A former award-winning stylist to the stars and author of the self-help book No More Weave Please, Gore is no stranger to being in the public eye. He is known throughout the industry not only for his incredible skill and style, but for the drive and persistence he has maintained since young adulthood.

To his credit, Gore has had numerous successes in the cosmetology industry, acquiring countless first place hair and trade show trophies, authoring two best-selling books and even being presented with the Budweiser’s Measurement of a Man Award in 2001–an award reserved for those who have achieved outstanding success while overcoming significant obstacles.

His latest victory–an alliance with Wegmans to distribute G’Natural–tops the list of notable accomplishments. Such an accomplishment underscores many of the reasons for Gore’s success: He and his products appeal to the needs of customers and defy the odds.

“Each shelf we stock is an accomplishment because we’re competing against the odds. We don’t have big firms behind us, backing us for millions of dollars. We don’t have a huge operation. We just have a great product that people want,” Gore exclaimed.

And what better way to validate a product’s utility than by having Wegmans’ CEO, Daniel Wegman, his family and the Wegmans executive team purchase G’Natural’s body butter shortly after receiving a demonstration.

Gore takes those endorsements in stride:

“Make something close to your heart, and it brings everybody together,” he added.
Truly, you can make a case that this genius may know what he’s talking about.
What’s interesting is that he’s done it with a focus toward helping others, naturally.

Ashley Meyers is a student at Prince George’s County Community College.

Ashley Myers

Special to the AFRO