Belinda Queen-Howard is a leader in a number of political, civic, and educational organizations in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She loves every minute of helping her neighbors and fellow Prince Georgians. “I love being a part of the community and helping people,” Queen-Howard told the AFRO. “I consider myself a communicator and a people person. I love talking to people.”

Queen-Howard is a District 25 elected member and vice secretary of the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee, the vice president of both the Wilburn Civic Association and the Central Coalition of Prince George’s County Community Organizations, the secretary of the county’s Park and Recreation Advisory Board, the former president of the Prince George’s County’s 4-H Club, the chairman of the Police District III Coffee Club, and a member of the Citizens Advisory Council for District III Police. She is retired from Verizon, after working there for 28 years, and now sells Avon Products. She is also a notary and recently started selling weight loss products.

Queen-Howard is a progressive Democrat, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) campaign for U.S. Senator.

Queen-Howard is a graduate of Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Strayer University. Queen-Howard started Strayer in the early 1980s but work, raising a family and volunteer activities delayed her getting her degree until 2000. She is a foster parent for six girls and has three biological children and nine stepchildren. “My children are from 12 years old to 23, and while the oldest is technically grown, she is still my baby,” Queen-Howard said, giggling.

While some people see retirement as a time to slow down, Queen-Howard doesn’t. “Retirement has given me the chance to get more involved in the community,” she said.

Queen-Howard helped the PTA at Central High School in Capitol Heights, Maryland raise money to get uniforms for some of its students, and she is recognized as an efficient volunteer by the organizations she serves.

She said her biggest achievement was raising productive children. “I have been so successful raising foster care children that the staff of D.C.’s foster care system told me about a family of six girls,” she said. “The kids needed love, guidance, and a family and we were happy to provide that.”