The Joy of Styling launched the Boss-ish Black Women’s Business Directory as part of Women’s History Month. (Courtesy Photo)

By Savanna Samuel
AFRO Intern

As The Joy of Styling (TJOS) celebrates its five-year anniversary, the image consulting company continues to serve the community through fashion, outreach and awareness, such as in the 2021, “Boss-ish Black Women’s Business Directory.” 

With the in-person world limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Joy Lawson, the CEO of TJOS found a way to bring back her successful 2020 “Boss-ish Black Business Market,” with a virtual twist.  

“Getting to the fifth year I wanted to be intentional with everything I was doing and wanted to ensure the business was aligned with where I am- as it is a representation of me as I continue to grow and just elevate within so many different levels.  But also how everyone else has grown as well,” Lawson said on AFRO Live.  “God said, ‘You should do Boss-ish’ again- do it virtually- but you should speak specifically to Black women.’  And I said, ‘Ok,’ and I came up with the Boss-ish Black Women’s Business Directory.  

The Joy of Styling was established in 2016 with the goal to empower and uplift within fashion and styling.  Lawson started her love for fashion while modeling in adolescence, and launched her professional styling endeavors as a college student. 

While matriculating at St. John’s University in New York, before graduating in 2015, she became engrossed in campus activities, which allowed her to learn about more than, what would be considered, the cosmetics of fashion- modeling and designing.  Confirming that this has always been her passion, she became well-versed in the background and business aspects of fashion and styling and her business acumen and ideas began to flourish.

These experiences then pushed her into event planning and expanding the idea of fashion in the community with various ways to serve.  Some of the recurring events curated by TJOS include, Boss Talk Women’s Panel, Style Workz for Girls and the annual Fashion on Wheels.  Many of her events are a means of networking for the many area bosses, entrepreneurs and creatives, who continue to further the culture and conversations in the D.M.V. 

The Joy of Styling CEO Joy Lawson, with D.C. editor Micha Green on {AFRO} Live. (Screenshot)

“I’m just super, super excited to see the growth that has happened and how it has just really changed into a movement within the area in the D.M.V.,” said Lawson.   “But really speaking to what you can do within the fashion industry and how fashion can connect to anyone.”

As the world continues to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs like Lawson have had to constantly make changes and pivots to assure that their businesses thrive through this unprecedented time.  Despite not being able to host events like her Black Business Market, Lawson switched gears and created a Black business directory focused on Black women. 

In consideration to March being Women’s History Month, she wanted to empower Black women and highlight those with businesses to emphasize the importance and history of support within the Black women community.  This initiative can only be accessed by donating to a Black-woman owned organization, Uniquely YOU Summit based in Philadelphia, to encourage Black women through “community, history, and love.”  Donations for the business directory will continue through the end of March.   

“I wanted to give.  The first event that I wanted this year, I wanted to make sure that I was giving,” said Lawson. “And the directory allows you to not only access over 50 businesses of amazing Black women, but you are donating to a non-profit owned by a Black woman.”

The image consulting business offers package services and utilizes its features and collaborations, to ensure success in “Passion, Purpose and Personality” for its clients and those in the community.  Additionally, the business provides wisdom to those looking for guidance as they enter the fashion industry through internships and other opportunities to get a foot in the door. Through these interactions, Lawson has been able to spread her knowledge of fashion and her journey for those who resonate.

“We continue to empower young Black women,” Lawson emphasized.    For more information about The Joy of Styling, visit and @thejoyofstyling on Instagram.