Author, activist and HIV educator Devin T. Robinson has written a new book for youth and parents aimed at teaching readers about love and the understanding that sex is not love.

In a press release for the book, Robinson, who also uses the name “Egypt,” noted that many people “crawl into beds with high dreams of love only to walk away with low nightmares of mistakes. They are under the impression sex would make someone treat them better or love them.”

The book, “Love is not an STD,” represents Egypt’s passion for true love and his effort to get people talking and thinking about the right things.

“Is sex the way to truly tell someone, ‘I love you,’” he writes. “If so…then answer this, ‘When was the last time God had sex with you??’”

The book is set for release on Jan. 30 and can be purchased through the author’s website at The site also includes information about a workshop event in connection with the book’s message, and about the author.