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Loyola College legend Mike Morrison speaks to kids at Collington Square Elementary School in East Baltimore as part of Shooting 4 Peace. (Photo by Deion Broxton)

Loyola University legend Mike Morrison returned to Baltimore April 13 to preach perseverance to a group of elementary and middle school youth.  

Morrison, a Washington D.C. native, addressed a rambunctious crowd of students at Collington Square Elementary School in East Baltimore, detailing his childhood as a “volatile young man” as part of the “Shooting 4 Peace,”  a week-long initiative to deter Baltimore City residents from violence.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for these kids to do some great things and change this city because realistically, they are the city,” he said of why he chose to address the children. “They need love, they need discipline, they need structure they need a direction.”

Morrison is the only division I player in Loyola’s history to be selected in the NBA draft. He played four years in the NBA before finishing his career overseas.

“The greatest accomplishment in my life was understanding what perseverance is,” Morrison told his audience.

The basketballer said he was a troubled youth who was expelled from school and given one last chance at a disciplinary school to turn his life around. The principal used sports as an incentive to motivate Morrison, he said. The student-athlete rose from performing below grade level to ascending above grade level in high school, earning himself a scholarship to play basketball at Loyola University of Maryland.

“Attitude determines everything you’ll ever be in life,” Morrison told the students.

“Shooting for Peace” organizer Ray Sydnor and his fellow Baltimore legends spoke at several Baltimore City schools this week. They will wrap things up Saturday, April 16 with a basketball game at Coppin State University featuring former NBA stars and “Baltimore City legends.” Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults.