Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) questioned President Obama’s recent remarks towards Black political leaders at the Congressional Black Caucus’ annual awards dinner.

According to CBS News, at the Sept. 24 event Obama told Black leaders, “Shake it off. Stop complainin’, stop grumblin’…We are going to press on. We have work to do.” He also told them to put on their marching shoes and get behind him.

Following the remarks, Waters appeared on CBS’ “The Early Show” and explained that she found the comments “curious.”

“I don’t know who he was talking to because we’re certainly not complaining,” Waters said on the show. “We’re working. We support him, and we’re protecting that base because we want people to be enthusiastic about him when that election rolls around.”

She added that she didn’t think the president would have made the same remarks to other groups.

“I found that language a bit curious because the president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus, and certainly they’re pushing him on immigration…he certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining,” she said. “And he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community, who really pushed him on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Waters made headlines in the past few months for her critical remarks towards Obama’s response to the staggering unemployment rates in the Black community. But she explained that while she didn’t agree with his language at the CBC event, she said that the president has heard the concerns of the organization and is looking to address them.

“We take it that he just kind of got off the Teleprompter a little and got fired up,” Waters told CNN. “We want to help him.”