An attorney for Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) says the lawmaker will sue the House Committee on Standards of Conduct if a misconduct investigation against her isn’t dropped.

According to POLITICO, Waters’ lawyer Stan Brand issued a letter to ethics committee officials on July 19 highlighting the recent claim that two committee lawyers improperly communicated with Republicans in the organization about the details of Waters’ case. The claims derived from recently leaked documents from the committee.

The information says that Blake Chisam, the former staff director of the committee wrote a memo in 2010 to a former chairwoman and identifies the attorneys as Morgan Kim and Stacy Sovereign.

In Brand’s letter, he says that the apparent misconduct in the case “implicates Congresswoman Waters’ constitutional and statutory rights, which we would seek to vindicate in federal court should that action be necessitated by the Committee.” Brand added that the staff misconduct in the case is so severe, that it could never be cured and the issue should be dismissed.

Meanwhile, the Committee released a statement saying that they hired D.C. attorney Billy Martin as an outside counsel to advise, assist and complete the case.

“The Committee’s decision reflects the high priority of this unique matter and the need to resolve it with the utmost care, diligence and integrity,” the statement read. “The Committee is firmly and unanimously resolved to protect both the rights of Representative Waters and all respondents, as well as the responsibilities of the Committee on Ethics to the House community at large.”

Waters was accused in 2009 of seeking government money for a bank in which her husband had shares.

The lawmaker has fervently denied wrongdoing, and wants the charges dropped.