A Maryland man is being charged with first-degree murder and use of a handgun in a violent felony after killing an ice cream driver June 13.

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(Left) Scene of the shooting of 22-yr-old Brandon Thomas Brown who was shot and killed while working for Big Daddy Ice Cream. (Right) 27-yr-old Larnell Tyran Lyles arrested in the murder of Brown who was shot n front of children standing in line to get ice cream. (Photos: Screenshot DC 5 news report and Frederick Police Department)

Brandon Thomas Brown, 22, was working his regular shift for Big Daddy Ice Cream when he stepped outside of the truck and was shot by Larnell Tyran Lyles, 27, in front of children waiting to receive their sweet treats.  Brown was pronounced dead on the scene.

“There was no particular confrontation, your honor,” Assistant State’s Attorney Brett Jackson told Judge Earl W. Bartgis Jr. according to The Frederick News-Post.  “This was something that was done while several children were waiting to purchase ice cream nearby.”

Both men had trouble with the law in the past.  In October 2014, Lyles pleaded guilty to a second-degree assault charge. Lyles was later arrested in April for possession of synthetic marijuana, according to court records.  Brown was sentenced to probation for three years after pleading guilty to stabbing a man during a marijuana transaction, according to CBS News.

Lyles’ attorney Carl Somerlock said after a bail hearing June 15 in Frederick County District Court that there was more to the story, saying Brown and his co-worker who was in the ice cream truck that day had been harassing his client.

“They’ve been looking for my client to kill him,” Somerlock said, according to the News-Post. “They were stalking the two areas where they knew my client hangs out. The use of the ice cream truck was a means of being clandestine.”