A Maryland woman was sentenced to five years in prison for the violent robbery of a Gaithersburg hair store, during which her stroller-borne baby became caught up in an altercation with the store’s owner.

Yvonne Patrice Williams, 20, pleaded guilty to one count of attempted robbery in connection with an incident at Gaithersburg’s Town Beauty Supply on Sept. 28, 2012.

Williams, then 19, participated in the robbery with two other women and brought along her toddler in a stroller as the trio attempted to take $850 in merchandise from the store.

“There were three Black females that entered the store and began concealing the hair wigs and weaves in their bags. Ms. Williams was the main antagonist in the matter,” Ramon Korionoff of the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office told the AFRO. “She assaulted the store clerk at the time and there was a struggle that ensued.”

According to charging documents, “during the struggle, Williams’ baby fell out of a stroller which Williams was in control of. The baby struck its head on the pavement. Despite the trauma to the baby which is presumably Williams’ child, Williams took no notice and continued to assault the victim.”

Williams and the other women brutally kicked the store clerk at least four times, causing “a loss of hearing, headache, and numerous bruises,” and Williams assaulted the clerk with her shoe before escaping in a gold car—but didn’t remain free for long.

Korionoff said one of the robbers was arrested later on unrelated charges and gave up her accomplices in the hair store heist.

As for the baby, Korionoff said that “the child is with her grandmother. She indicated in court that her two children are in the care of their grandmother.”

One of Williams’ accomplices also pleaded guilty, according to Washington, D.C. NBC affiliate WRC-TV; the other has not been identified.

Alexis Taylor

AFRO Staff Writer