By Ty’rique Sims, Special to the AFRO

The AFRO Newspaper in Baltimore has brought aboard two interns for the summer months to help them on their journey towards their careers in journalism. This reporter is the other intern.

For intern Matthew Ritchie- journalism wasn’t his first choice but he has developed a feel for it and wants to continue on that path.

Matthew Ritchie began his internship at the AFRO in June. (Photo by Ty’rique Sims)

“I hope to gain valuable experience in the field of journalism,” said Ritchie about interning at the AFRO. “There is no support system for journalism at Johns Hopkins besides the actual newsletter at the school. So I’m looking to get guidance and real experience in journalism.”

Ritchie, 19, is an English and Psychology double major at Johns Hopkins University from Ashburn, Virginia. Ritchie was an Environmental Engineering major, but quickly switched when he realized he did not want to do chemistry and physics for a living.

Ritchie had long considered the scientific field since he started at his magnet high school, in Ashburn.

“I was looking at the STEM fields,” said Ritchie. “When I came to school [Hopkins], I started writing for the sports section of the newsletter. That was when I realized that I wanted to pursue journalism.”

Ritchie’s dream now is to be a journalist at ESPN. He has grown up with the love for sports that has carried him as an athlete and translated to writing.   He credits Bomani Jones, a well-known radio personality at ESPN and Kevin Blackistone, a sports journalist and professor at the school of journalism at the University of Maryland as his influences.

While Ritchie knows journalism can be difficult at times there are also many things he enjoys about it.

“I enjoy the process of finding a story and being about to translate it to a larger audience. People look for the news and being able to provide it for them is satisfying,” said Ritchie.

As the journalism industry ushers in a new generation of journalists, the field has gone through many changes over the years. The media has been under fire during Donald Trump’s presidency, minus Fox News and most recently Sinclair Broadcasting Group. Trump has made no secret of his animus for any press that is not friendly to him.

“I think journalism is sort of in danger as a whole. There is a movement of distrust towards the media, which is threatening the industry in my opinion. It is important for journalism to continue to grow and stay strong,” said Ritchie.