A Memphis, Tenn., mother of two has been charged with aggravated assault after beating a coach she accused of molesting her sons and other players.

Lakeshia Richmond said her 8-year-old son told her that Tom Massey, her sons’ little league football coach, had inappropriately touched him and other players.

“I asked them ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ and my little boy said ‘yes’,” Richmond told Memphis CBS affiliate WREG, “and I said ‘was it just you?’ and he said ‘no, it was some more kids.’”

Though she reported the matter to the police, Richmond got to Massey first when she saw him walking alone on the street.

“When I see him, I see my kids being hurt and that’s all I see,” she said.

Richmond claimed that she went to her car trunk, retrieved a baseball bat and proceeded to beat Massey.

“During the beating he was saying he didn’t do it and that he was sorry,” said Richmond. “If you didn’t do it then why are you saying you’re sorry? What are you sorry for?”

According to reports, search warrants of Massey’s apartment failed to yield any evidence of Richmond’s claim, but police said an investigation is ongoing.

Lula Massey, the victim’s grandmother, said she wants justice for her grandson.

“What if they had killed him,” she said. “He is , I have never seen him touch a child inappropriately or heard of him touching a child inappropriately.”

“If true, I hate it, but if it’s not, I want these people to pay for beating up my grandson like they did,” she added.

According to reports, Massey remains in critical condition. Richmond will next appear in court on Aug. 27.