For those who have trolled the Internet’s catacombs to view Michelle Obama’s toned arms, bangs and signature style there’s good news: the first lady is finally on Instagram.

Obama marked her first foray into the social network forum with photos and video from the first family’s trip to Africa.

The first image showed her and daughter Malia surrounded by women and girls whom they met at the MLK Middle School in Dakar, Senegal.

“My first instagram!” Obama exclaimed in the caption. “So inspired and so impressed by these extraordinary young women. -mo #FLOTUSinAfrica.”

For a subsequent photo taken in a classroom of the same school, the first lady said, “You all are role models for my daughters, which is why I brought them here today—so that they could be inspired by you just like I am.”

Obama’s participation in Instagram was met by many cheers and a few harangues.

“@michelleobama sooo nice that you are on Instagram now,” wrote elemops.

User osdeseolomejor said, “@michelleobama from one mother who cares about her country and all humankind to another: your integrity, vision and grace make our world a better place. This is a wonderful forum to further that momentum; I’m glad you’re here. Best wishes for great happiness and perfect health.”

“On the other end of the spectrum was shawnysmoonbeam who vented, “enjoy your 100 million dollar vacation on us! you damn freeloader! It would be worth it if you stayed there.”

Even more disturbing was a comment from wobblywinner7—he claimed to be 10.

“I hate u and ure husband Obama. the USA would be so much of a better place if u Were not the first lady and ure husband was not president. o and one more thing you just got schooled and I am only 10.”

The Africa trip also marked the inauguration of the White House Instagram account (@whitehouse.) Its first post was an image of Marine One carrying the Obama family from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base.


Zenitha Prince

Special to the AFRO