The Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity kicked off its 110th Anniversary celebration with song, prayer and the word on Monday, March 5.

The Rev. A.C.D. Vaughn was part of the Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity 110th Anniversary celebration kick-off. (Courtesy photo)

Over 100 members of the Conference sat inside New Shiloh Baptist Church, their regular meeting place, in West Baltimore to honor the past, celebrate the present and envision the future of the Conference. President Bishop J.L. Carter addressed the audience.

“In this room, there is a true spirit of excellence,” he said, before Rev. Cameron Carter began his sermon.

Dr. A.C.D. Vaughn, past eight-term president of the Ministers’ Conference and pastor at Baltimore’s Sharon Baptist Church, took the microphone later in the program to remind attendees of the Conference’s rich history. Vaughn detailed the Conference’s beginnings under Dr. G.R. Waller of the Trinity Baptist Church and its early mission to support education. President Carter gave the benediction and promised more events in the near future.

This is the first event of at least three to precede the Conference’s 110th Anniversary Banquet Celebration on Sept. 20.

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