In the same week Morgan State University fired Fred Farrier, the school’s head football coach, there’s more bad news for Morgan athletics.

On Tuesday, the NCAA announced penalties against the school because it “improperly certified the eligibility of 94 student-athletes in 10 sports,” according to a statement from Stacey Osburn, director of media relations for the NCAA.

The ten sports penalized include: football, men’s and women’s tennis, softball, men’s and women’s track, men’s and women’s bowling and men’s and women’s basketball.

According to the NCAA, the infractions took place over the span of four years. “Over the same period, the university improperly provided financial aid to student-athletes in nine sports. Due to the university’s lack of monitoring and control, student-athletes practiced and completed while ineligible. This included those who had not yet received their eligibility certification or met the eligibility standards. Other student-athletes competed while enrolled less than full-time, without meeting their progress toward degree requirements or after their eligibility was exhausted,” Osburn said.

Prior to the Tuesday NCAA announcement, Morgan was informed of the pending NCAA penalties and given an opportunity to appeal the NCAA decision. MSU issued the following statement describing what it initially did to explain it’s actions in pursuit of a reduction in the NCAA penalties which at that time were pending:

In the lead up to today’s announcement from the NCAA, the University’s athletics director Ed Scott and President David Wilson made the decision to appeal the judgment of the Infractions Panel. The university was granted an expedited hearing this past November in Indianapolis. At that hearing, the university presented a strong case to challenge the NCAA’s verdict, and to seek relief from those penalties deemed excessive, unwarranted or unfair. As a result of the presentation, the university was successful in convincing the NCAA Infractions Panel to reevaluate and lessen a number of penalties in key areas.”

Following the NCAA hearing on the alleged NCAA violations, Morgan State will now be subjected to several penalties the most notable of which will include:

  • a four-year probation period through Dec. 18, 2021 during which the school will face increased scrutiny from the NCAA;
  • a one-year postseason ban for softball, tennis and football;
  • recruiting restrictions for the 10 sports; and
  • a five percent reduction in scholarships in the 10 sports for the 2018-2019 academic year.