The photographs of a group of prominent African Americans will be featured in a new exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery.

According to the Smithsonian Institution’s website, “The Black List” will feature portraits of 50 African Americans of various professions, disciplines and backgrounds.

Debuting on Oct. 27, the exhibit will include photos of political activist Angela Davis, singer John Legend, hip-hop mogul Sean Combs and superstar athlete Serena Williams.

“These portraits are both pictorial and verbal, representing some of the most dynamic and inspiring personalities in the fields of politics, music, business, civil activism, literature, the arts and athletics,” the Smithsonian’s website says.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, photographer and creator of the exhibit says its name is a flip on the historical term “blacklist,” which referred to marginalized African Americans. He told the Associated Press that he wants to turn the phrase into a roll call of distinction to showcase common and lesser-known Black figures.

A smaller version of the exhibit has been displayed in New York and Los Angeles, but the Smithsonian’s is the first to feature all 50 portraits.

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