By Rosa Perdue

George Floyd is a name that will stay with us for many days to come…

One day, while feeling the effects of isolation due to the pandemic, I watched the video of Floyd being murdered. The country reacted in shock and turmoil. Then I saw the video of the pathological liar, twittering, reality show, incompetent and fake president pull his media stunt to walk to the church across from the White House to simply take his picture. I noted that he made no effort to go inside or pray on the outside of the church (perhaps Jesus would have met him there if he had taken the time and energy to go inside the church).

I knew this was yet another opportunity for me to pray for our country and our leaders in these troubling times that we are enduring.


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I prayed: Lord, I remember David and Goliath in the bible, and how lowly David outsmarted the powerful Giant Goliath, and now Lord, we have a “Goliath” in our midst – we have a devil living in the White House. Lord, please send us a “David” to defeat the big and powerful “Goliath” that is constantly psychologically and mentally beating our people down to the ground while spreading his evil and wicked ways.

I believe that Floyd, in his death, became that catalyst, the “David” that I had prayed for, the one who would defeat the giant “Goliath,” the one who would change our history and perhaps change our world.

Floyd’s death may not have entirely stopped the paradigm shift of the “dark hole” that our fake president seems so intent on taking us into. But Floyd has definitely helped to turn the tide on social injustice, police brutality and the modern day public lynching death of Black men and women in this country; and perhaps for people of all colors and races around the world.

I believe Floyd sacrificed his life to bring us to this point in time in our history, when we are on the very brink of disaster and despair brought on by our current so-called leader. Floyd’s death also sheds a bright light on the beguiling, the evilness, the wickedness and the ludicrosity of our so called leader who has turned his back on our Constitution, our values, our morals, on our flag and what it stands for.

Yes, Floyd changed the world as he laid there on the ground with the police officer’s knee in his neck while he cried out before his last breath left his body.

We pray for the family of this great tragedy, and for the other families that have lost loved ones at the hands of police injustice.

Screengrab of George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, as she is heard saying, “daddy changed the world.” (Screengrab from Instagram video/ @_stak5_)

We pray for our great nation, and for our nation to heal and repair itself before the evil rulers of the darkness overpower and consume us all.

Yes, child, your Daddy has changed the world! May God bless you and your family with the strength and love that you need to sustain you in the days ahead.