(Washington, DC) — Today the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, which represents our most significant achievement in health reform in nearly 50 years.  The Affordable Care Act is a critical step toward redressing disparities in health that persist along racial/ethnic, geographic and other lines. Since 2013, the uninsured rate has declined 9.2 percentage points for African Americans, resulting in 2.3 million adults gaining coverage and 12.3 percentage points for Latinos, resulting in 4.2 million adults gaining coverage. Since 2013, the uninsured rate among women declined 7.7 percentage points, resulting in 7.7 million women gaining coverage. An estimated 55 million women are also benefiting from preventive services coverage with no out-of-pocket costs. And health insurers can no longer discriminate based on gender, so being a woman is no longer a preexisting condition.

From Roslyn M. Brock, Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors:

“The NAACP applauds the nation’s highest court in recognizing the intent of the law: That all persons who obtain coverage through state- or federally-run health insurance exchanges and qualify for tax-credit subsidies to defray the cost of premiums can receive the subsidies. Especially with the ongoing economic challenges facing low and middle-income Americans, subsidies are often needed to open the door to health care and mitigate the high cost of not having health insurance. The NAACP will continue to educate Americans about the Affordable Care Act and encourage them to get covered and get healthy. We will also ask them to push locally for greater access to comprehensive health care coverage and quality, timely health care services. And certainly, we will continue to partner with organizations throughout our country toward the common goal of bringing about health equity for all.”