Washington, DC – The United States Supreme Court has rejected BP’s appeal of the oil spill settlement!  Dr. E. Faye Williams, worked on the case as legal advisor to get the underserved paid along with Art Rocker of Pensacola, Florida and socialist activist Dick Gregory.

She said, “This is a great day for the underserved, for churches and for small businesses that suffered losses as a result of the massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Supreme Court got it right when it rejected BP’s appeal.  No one fought as hard as Art Rocker for these thousands of underserved and underrepresented for them to be paid by BP from the oil spill, and I am pleased to have worked with him.  Art initiated a National organization called Operation People for Peace, where he organized over 400 churches to work on behalf of the people injured by the spill, and he’s helped them with food and other necessities since the spill.”


Williams said further, “Art was the facilitator of this movement to get the injured paid. All of the protests on behalf of the injured were non-violent; however, Mr. Rocker was kicked and beaten at the front door of the BP headquarters in New Orleans during the early days of the protests. He later went to jail with Dick Gregory for protesting the BP tragedy and their refusal to pay those who suffered. I had the privilege of serving not only as legal advisor for the protesters, but I traveled on several tours throughout the Gulf Coast in search of justice for the poor.”


She said, “Mr. Rocker, Dick Gregory, and I traveled to London, England to meet with the President of BP.  We spoke with the President’s representative the first day we were there and we were told to come back later.  We did and on the second day, we were confronted by over 30 security personnel.  The President of BP never showed up, and his representative told us to return to Washington DC for the claimants to be paid—but that never happened.

We visited BP’s Houston headquarters with over 100 picketers and BP refused to allow Art Rocker, Dick Gregory or me to discuss these poor people’s claims—but we persisted.  We never gave up.

We met with governors and local officials. We met with Members of Congress in their districts and attended several Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill. We requested help to get the people paid—but BP continued to evade and avoid their responsibilities toward the people.

This Supreme Court decision is now final and allows the underserved to be paid.  There is a six month deadline for filing claims.”

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“It is through our struggles that we gain our victories.” Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.