National Urban League (NUL) President Marc Morial has a simple message for Washington: It is time to bring more jobs to the American people.

In an open letter to President Obama and Congress, the NUL urged both the executive and legislative branches of the government to wage a “War on Unemployment.”

“We, the undersigned, urgently and respectfully request that you join the National Urban League in the War on Unemployment,” the letter states. “As we fight wars overseas, fight the budget deficit, fight to raise the debt-ceiling, we stand on behalf of the more than 14 million Americans who are unemployed, asking for your help in fighting the continuing joblessness that has plagued this economic recovery. “

Morial and the NUL have been pushing for more jobs for more than a year. However, now that the programs that are key to economic development and survival in many of the nation’s communities are endangered as a result of the deal to raise the federal budget debt ceiling, they say,the urgent need for jobs has reached a critical level.

“We must battle against program cuts that affect people in the areas of job training, aid to education, housing and community and economic development which give Urban League Affiliates the tools that they need to be economic first responders,” Morial said in a statement. “Extreme budget cuts will cause more job losses, particularly in state and local governments, at a time when we cannot afford to lose a single additional job. “

The NUL has a 12-step plan to get Urban America back to work. The plan includes summer youth employment, urban jobs academies, job training and an expansion of small business lending.