The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office announced on Aug. 21 their investigation into a third case involving a Baltimore Police Department officer’s body camera footage.

According to State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, the officer “self-reported” the footage of a,”re-enactment of the seizure of evidence.” Mosby stated her office initially investigated the tape because it showed “questionable activity.” Prosecutors have already identified 43 cases to be dropped connected to the latest footage.

“The body-worn-camera program was established to fight crime, better protect officers, and foster public trust,” said Mosby in a statement. “Whether planting evidence, re-enacting the seizure of evidence or prematurely turning off the department-issued body-worn camera, those actions misrepresent the truth and undermine public trust,” Mosby added.

“This is not an allegation of planting evidence. This is a self-reported situation where the officer felt that it deserved more scrutiny based on the things that have been in the news. We are aware of it and it is something that we are looking into,” said Baltimore Police Spokesman T.J. Smith.

Smith said the video is under review by the BPD. Neither he nor Mosby’s office would confirm what was on the tape or the details of the case connected to the video but, instead stressed the fact that it was self-reported.

“Officers who mainly work with the utmost credibility, don’t want their credibility challenged because of a misunderstanding,” said Smith. “So this is a good problem to have, when you are self-reporting.”

Mosby’s office would not disclose how many officers were involved in the new body camera footage.

The video, which was recorded in June, was not brought to prosecutors until August 2.

The 43 cases that are being dropped include 12 defendants who were in custody pending trial. Twenty-two other cases will be investigated connected to the officer or officers in the body camera video.

Prosecutors are also reviewing 36 closed cases.

This latest case of alleged misconduct comes after it was revealed two earlier BPD body camera videos are being investigated.

In a video from November of 2016 and another from January, the Public Defender’s office and a private attorney have alleged that evidence was planted. Dozens of cases connected to those two body camera videos have been dropped by Mosby’s office, while dozens more are under investigation.