Virgo Girl Media (VGM), a digital media firm, will partner with Strebor Books, an imprint of Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, to increase online visibility for Black authors.

VGM will interview Strebor’s authors and promote the authors and their work on VGM’s blog and other social media outlets. In return, Strebor Books will post interviews on their “Author of the Week” and/or “Book of the Day” pages.

“Our goal for the VGM blog is to create a movement in the literary world where urban-cultured authors and writers are recognized and celebrated in the same manner as mainstream authors,” says VGM founder Missy B. Salick.


Salick also noted that those who are self-publishing should have an outlet that allows them to showcase and promote their work on an equal scale to that of mainstream book publishers.

“Publishing houses are wonderful for authors who are lucky enough to be chosen. However, in a world where so many are self-publishing there should be a mainstream marketing option, and growing your online audience and promoting yourself digitally is just that. By using digital platforms, authors can now engage and interact directly with their audience with the click of a button, cutting out the middleman,” she said.

Zane, founder of Strebor Books and a New York Times bestselling author, is excited about the partnership, Salick added.

“With publishing houses working with digital influencers, and authors taking advantage of the platform it’s a win-win for both parties,” she said.