(BlackNews.com) — Employers are doing it. Daters are doing it. Even the government is doing it. So what is the “it” we’re referring to here? Background checks.

With nearly 75 percent of all employers now choosing to conduct background checks on all employees, the popularity of and the technology involved in conducting such searches continues to grow. And with many college graduates preparing to transition from campus to cubicle, it’s important they understand these requirements and prepare for a litany of checks during their job hunt.

In response, eKnowID has been created; a proactive tool to conduct a comprehensive and thorough HR self-background check prior to the scrutiny of a prospective employer. With errors plaguing the public record system coupled with the rapidlygrowing crime of criminal identity theft, candidates often lose job opportunities unknowingly during the background check due to misconstrued information retrieved during the hiring process.

Kenneth Coats, the founder of eknowID, explained what happened to a young law school grad in San Diego: “She showed up for her first day of work, was handcuffed and taken to jail. The background check done by her new employer, the San Diego County District Attorney’s office, revealed a warrant for her arrest possession of marijuana, by the person who stole her wallet and assumed her identity.”

“Therefore it is imperative for job seekers to know what they don’t know when it comes to their background check, even if they’ve never had a brush with the law.”

With eKnowID new proactive technology, candidates can confidently and conveniently perform all necessary checks prior to speaking with an employer. This will allow applicants to take back control over their personal information and give them the ability to challenge any inaccuracies that may exist. 

“Traditionally, people understand the need to check their credit before making important purchases such as a car or home,” says Coats. “A background check is just as crucial before landing a job.”

eKnowID provides fully customizable reports that ranges from past employment, education and criminal checks to driving records and even drug tests. To help job seekers get started, eknowID offers a free automated resume check of the 5 common mistakes found on resumes according to HR professionals.

Users simply upload their resume or confidentially connect using LinkedIn. Users can elect to bundle other checks that start affordably as low as $12.95. A toll free support number is provided for customers to speak with experienced investigators .

“With over two decades of experience working for major background checking companies and my own, and nearly half million searches later, we decided to put this information into one easy to use and convenient portal for consumers to arm themselves with access to this information to get ahead,” says Coats.



Special to the AFRO