No charges will be filed against the seven doctors and one nurse who were under investigation in the death of Michael Jackson.

The eight people were under investigation by California Attorney General Jerry Brown’s Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Christine Gasparac, a spokeswoman for the attorney general told CBS News.

Gasparac also told reporters that information about one of the doctors, who used a fake name to prescribe drugs to Jackson, has been forwarded to the state’s medical board. Such doctor could still face discipline. None of the doctors in the probe were identified by Gasparac.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who has been accused of giving Jackson the high dosage of anesthesia that ended Jackson’s life, was not involved in the probe. Murray has already been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

The Jackson family, said they are disappointed with the decision. They said they want to see justice in the case and are upset that all the people they believe were involved with prescribing the medication, aren’t being prosecuted.

“I am very disappointed,” attorney Brian Oxman, who represents Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson in a wrongful death lawsuit against Murray, told CBS News. “The misuse of medications by Michael Jackson in the last years of his life was excessive and to fail to bring that to the public eye is ignoring reality.”